How many times can you re-use the lashes?

Our 3D Mink lashes are delicately handmade with precise detail and care and are designed to be reusable up to 25 wears.

Is Lash Adhesive including with lash purchases?

Unfortunately lash adhesive is not included nor sold through our brand. We are working hard to make this available in the future. We recommend DUO lash adhesive.

When are orders processed?

Orders will be processed 1-2 days after orders have been purchased - excluding weekends.

Can I wax or spraytan before my make up appointment?

KMA recommends having any waxing done 5 days prior to your make up appointment. Fake tans are usually best applied 2 days before.

What are your lashes made of?

Our lashes are made from 100% Siberian Mink, which is why our texture is so fluffy. They are handmade and cruelty free! It is left over fur that has been previously shedded. No harm at all.

How do I remove my false lashes?

The best way to remove your false lashes is to pinch the lash by the outercorner and slowly peel off the lash from the outside to the inner corner. Repeat with other eye. If you are having difficulty removing your lashes, use a cotton swab and apply non-oil based make up remover onto the lash adhesive until the glue has lifted or softened.

How far in advanced should I book in my make up appointment?

We recommend booking as far in advanced as you can to avoid any disappointment if there's no availability for the date you want. We will have some last minute bookings available but not always guranteed.

Do you include lashes in your makeup applications?

Yes! We supply KMA lashes at all makeup bookings for an extra $15. If you have a pair of lashes you really love and want to use, that is totally fine! Bring them in with you and we can put them on!